to anyone who's interested..

We have juggling club every Tuesday night at the A-Zone, on Milwaukee near where it intersects with California. It’s right next door to the Congress Theater. We usually start around 7:30, and go until we get tired (two hours? three hours?) Anyone and everyone who is interested in juggling, other object manipulation, or just hanging out should come. If you have questions or anything, let me know.

October 21, 2002. General. Leave a comment.

Back up

All right… After a couple of months of my being unable to post anything, good ol’ Harper has fixed this little site back up.. Sorry for the absence.

We are in the middle of Fright Fest, performing at Six Flags every weekend this month. Making plans for Christmas, friends visiting and visiting friends… Gonna be an exciting couple of months.

I own lots of skull shirts. Now I seem to be coming into possession of lots of skull accessories..rings and necklaces and so on…heh..

October 16, 2002. General. Leave a comment.


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